Friday, July 29, 2016

Thatcher Chiropractic

Car accident injuries send more than 4 million people to hospital emergency departments every year.  A car accident is accompanied with a number of issues. Besides looking for who is to be accused, the victims have to answer the queries of the police or the insurance company. Your car may be damaged or you may have sustained physical injuries that can occur during the course of an accident. Common injuries during car accidents include head, neck, or low back injuries.  Among all the injuries, whiplash is considered as the most common one. Unfortunately, many people do not give much importance to it. James Thatcher, D.C., a chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado realizes the seriousness of whiplash and strongly believes it requires immediate, proper attention.  Whiplash implies injury of the soft tissues which are formed of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. You may experience pain in the neck and problems in moving the neck and head as a result of a whiplash injury.

Dr. Thatcher, a licensed chiropractor for over 20 years, uses physical therapy modalities, exercise, stretches, activity of daily living or work restrictions, manipulation or adjustments, massage therapy and dry needle therapy. Dr. Thatcher is skilled in treating car accident victims, relieving pain resulting from whiplash and other injuries and providing care for pinched nerves.  Chiropractic treatments are often in coordination with local medical doctors or therapists to provide neck pain and back pain relief.

Another serious and common injury during a car accident is back injury and sciatica. You may hurt your intervertebral discs, or low back discs in a car accident. In the worst case scenario, such injuries, especially without treatment, may lead to permanent disability.

Chiropractors in Colorado Springs, Colorado urge their patients to be vigilant while driving. Concentrate on the road, and do not indulge in distractions like cell phones or laptops as they often lead to accidents.

Thatcher Chiropractic is located at 3535 American Drive in Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917 near the intersection at Austin Bluffs Parkway and Academy Boulevard.  For more information you can visit our website at thatcherchiropractic.comIf you have additional questions, please contact us by phone.  You can reach us at (719) 574-3700.

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