Friday, July 29, 2016

But It Was Only a "Little Accident!"

The following scenario is often familiar to Dr. James Thatcher, licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who has dealt with car accident situations:  the victim shrugs off any suggestion that he or she may have sustained physical injury worth receiving treatment for because - - “it was just a little accident.”  Or, even worse, a non-health care practitioner or a health care practitioner not experienced in this area argues “it was only a minor injury”.

The first fact to remember is it is possible to be involved in a car accident without being injured.  Unfortunately, many people tend to judge the possibility or extent of physical injury on the amount of damage done to the car.  This notion is entirely without scientific basis.  The two most important factors that correlate with physical injury are:  1) Did the occupant see that the accident was going to occur?  2) Was the individual’s head or body trunk turned at the time of impact?  You may be thinking to yourself:  “What about the speed of the car, seat belts, 18-wheel truck vs. passenger car or rear impact vs. side impact?  Yes, these are factors that may influence the extent of physical injury.

Imagine yourself talking to a passenger (with head briefly turned) while driving through a parking lot (about 10 mph).  Unfortunately, you do not see the wall that brings your vehicle to a sudden stop.  In visualizing this scenario, it is understandable how you could have been injured while traveling at a slow speed and ending up with only a “scuffed” bumper.

Many cases have been documented concerning people who present with physical problems that can be traced back to an accident suffered years earlier.  Too often, these victims did not receive proper care because, in their minds, “it was just a little accident.”

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