Friday, July 29, 2016

We Can Help Your Back Even If There Was No "Injury"

    Maybe you've taken your back for granted.  That is, until your back stops working the way it should.  Many people believe that doctors or treatment can be of little help for their back unless there has been a notable injury event.  When back symptoms arise, in the absence of an "event" your chiropractor can often be the best doctor to see.  Not only is there often help for the back problem, but also an education of how your back works and what you can do to prevent back problems.

     Your ability to stand upright, move, bend, and twist comes from the integrated performance of your nerves, muscles, ligaments and bones.  Bones and ligaments provide structural support.  Muscles provide elasticity and movement.  Your nerves conduct electrical current to sustain muscle tone.

     Your spine's function depends on its mobility.  Its every movement relies upon the coordinated action of your muscles - one group contracting powerfully while the opposing group relaxes.  Muscle tone and balance are vital to your spinal health.  Should one muscle group be unable to perform due to restricted joint movement, other muscle groups try to compensate.  Spinal adjustments can improve your muscle balance to create a natural flow of motion.

     If imbalances are left untreated, soft tissue can be stressed beyond its limits causing anything from muscle spasm, sprain, strain, and pain to disabling back problems.  The goal of chiropractic, in the absence of an injury event, is to enhance the integration of your musculoskeletal system and provide preventative / supportive advice.

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