Friday, July 29, 2016

Does Injury to a Joint Lead to Osteoarthritis?

     Annals of Internal Medicine recently published an article documenting that adolescents and young adults with traumatic injury are at substantial risk for developing osteoarthritis and its sequel (pain, stiffness, soreness, lack of mobility) in later years.  For many of you, when it comes to your spine, I am sure that you could readily identify a certain problematic area that is a site of old injury.

     Previous research suggests that trauma that compromises the joint structures contributes to the development of osteoarthritis.  However, few studies have specifically examined the association between injuries in young adults and subsequent risk for this debilitating condition.

     Investigators recorded prior and current injury status in 1,321 medical students with an average age of 22 years.  Subsequent trauma and specific arthritis sites were assessed using annual self-administered questionnaires.  After an average follow-up period of 36 years, it was determined that prior joint injury significantly increased the risk for later-life osteoarthritis at the specific injury site.

     Based on the results of this study and my own experience, I must continue to emphasize the need to consistently exercise these injury sites and / or to receive manipulation or adjustments as it has been individually recommended.  The goal is long term health of your joints!

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