Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thatcher Chiropractic Specializes in Car Accident Treatment

Involved in a car accident?  There are many things to think about-insurance coverage, damage estimates, car repairs, and paperwork.  James Thatcher, licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to remind you to think about one very important thing that may have been compromised in the accident, your spine.  Spinal injuries in a car accident can be devastating if not addressed and corrected.  Even when there is no immediate pain, there can still be severe damage to the delicate tissues of the spine.  Dr. Thatcher is trained to accurately diagnose and treat spinal injuries of car accident victims.

Cars designed today are made to withstand the force of a crash.  If the car does not crumple during the accident and has little to no visible damage, the impact of the crash is then transferred onto the occupants of the car.  A simple scenario of a rear-end crash is as follows with the acknowledgement that all passengers are facing forward:  the spine lurches forward on impact and then is whipped backwards against the seat when the car comes to a stop.  If you add in the high likelihood that car passengers may be turned sideways, the degree of injury increases.  If a side crash impact occurs, spinal damage increases.  It takes less than five miles per hour of impact to cause a whiplash injury.  Even a minor fender bender can cause injury.

Thatcher Chiropractic offers the following chiropractic treatments for car accident injuries:

Neck Treatment
Lower Back Pain Treatment
Neck therapy
Herniated Disk Treatment
Headache Problems

Thatcher Chiropractic is located at 3535 American Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80917 near the intersection at Austin Bluffs Parkway and Academy Boulevard.  For more information you can visit our website at  If you have additional questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone.  You can reach us at (719) 574-3700.

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