Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Car Accident Injuries, Whiplash, and Chiropractic Care

The most common car accident injuries are on the face and head, brain, neck, arm and shoulders, back, foot, leg and knee.  There is also psychological injury or post-traumatic stress disorders.  For those who have injuries that are non-life threatening, there are many treatments that will help in reducing the pain and swelling as well as for rehabilitation to gain back movement and senses.  Such treatments include physical therapy as well as chiropractic treatments by licensed doctors of chiropractic.  James Thatcher, licensed chiropractor of Colorado Springs, Colorado is trained in the area of chiropractic rehabilitation and believes chiropractic care is a great choice of treatment to remedy whiplash and accident related injuries.  Many patients suffering from whiplash reported faster recovery and less pain with the help of chiropractic treatment.
Whiplash is a very common injury suffered during car accidents where there is a sudden neck distortion.  In fact, whiplash is one of the most common injuries when two vehicles collide.  All of the car insurance companies cover whiplash injury rehabilitation.
How do you know if you have whiplash?  Whiplash injury is evident when the patient feels pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back, headache, anxiety and fatigue.    Chiropractic treatment helps the patient by help in the movements of the spine as well as by reducing the muscle spasm and pain.  Chiropractic care also supports the healing of the ligaments and tendons that have been affected by a car accident injury.  

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