Friday, July 29, 2016

Medicare and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is an intervention therapy based on the interactions or workings of the spine and nervous system. James Thatcher, D.C. in Colorado Springs provides chiropractic services; most services are used to treat complaints of headaches, neck pain, back pain, or pain in the joints of the arms or legs.  Frequently these types of pain are a result of a car accident or a fall.

Dr. Thatcher practices a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care. This approach includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment.  Chiropractors assess patients through examination, laboratory tests, x-rays, etc.  Dr. Thatcher then determines whether or not chiropractic treatment is appropriate for you.  He will readily refer patients to the appropriate health care provider when chiropractic care is not suitable for the patient's condition, or the condition warrants co-management in conjunction with other members of the health care team.

"Spinal manipulation" or “chiropractic adjustment” is the most common procedure performed by a chiropractor.  Manipulation or adjustment of the affected areas can restore motion, alleviate pain and muscle tightness, and promote the healing of body tissue.  Often times, chiropractic service may be the primary method of treatment regarding musculoskeletal issues.  The chiropractor may also suggest additional medical treatments.

Are Chiropractic Services Covered?

Yes, Medicare Part B pays for a chiropractor's manual manipulation of the spine.

Do I Qualify for Chiropractic Services?

Your chiropractic treatment is covered by Medicare if:

  • You have a significant health problem in the form of a neuromusculoskeletal condition that needs treatment (such as pain, inflammation, swelling, leg and foot numbness, etc.)
  • Manual manipulation has been recommended for improvement of your condition

Thatcher Chiropractic is located at 3535 American Drive in Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917 near the intersection at Austin Bluffs Parkway and Academy Boulevard.  For more information you can visit our website at  If you have additional questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us by phone.  You can reach us at (719) 574-3700.

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