Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Neck Pain

     With all of the neck's complexity it should come as no surprise that neck problems are common.  Inside your neck are the bones (cervical vertebra), spinal and cranial nerves, blood vessels, musculature, ligaments, and a number of other "vital occupants."  With all of these structures occupying the neck, no wonder symptoms are so common.  Following is a partial list of pain sources in the neck:

     1) Abnormal Motion of Spinal Bones (Spinal Kinesiopathology): Physical trauma such as improper lifting, car accidents, repetitive motions, and poor sleeping habits can cause spinal problems.

     2) Abnormal Nervous System Function (Neuropathophysiology): Improper motion of the spinal bones can rub, irritate, or pinch delicate spinal nerves.  This can impair the function of the tissues and systems controlled by these nerves.

     3) Abnormal Muscle Function (Myopathology): Muscles supporting the spine can weaken and atrophy, or become tight and go into spasm.  Unfortunately, scar tissue and adhesions penetrate these malfunctioning muscles, changing their function, tone, and elasticity.

     4) Abnormal Soft Tissue Function (Histopathology): Discs, ligaments, and other soft tissues can malfunction, too.  These important soft tissues have a poor blood supply, so proper healing often requires continued care after the relief of obvious symptoms.

     5) Abnormal Function of the Spine and Body (Pathophysiology): The body responds with bone spurs and spinal decay, fusing malfunctioning spinal joints.  Degenerative changes can be seen in other tissues which have been deprived of normal nerve control.

     Why is your chiropractor important?  Your chiropractor is trained to detect these spinal problems.

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