Friday, February 24, 2017

Low Back Pain? ... It's commonly a Sacroiliac Syndrome

What is it?

        The sacroiliac joints are located on either side of the tailbone (sacrum) where it meets the pelvic bones.  Most people refer to the sacroiliac joint as their "hip."  A problem with the sacroiliac joint is referred to as a "sacroiliac syndrome."  This syndrome often comes as a result of pelvic joint and ligament sprain as a result of sudden injury or movement.  Sacroiliac Syndrome can also develop without a particular event.  In other words, the pain starts out of nowhere.  Results can be severe ligament and muscle injury and the inability to stand up straight without sharp pain in the lower back.  At times the pain can radiate into the leg(s).

Sacroiliac Syndrome accounts for approximately 25% of all low back problems.

How can I fix the problem? 

        Actually, following a detailed examination to confirm the diagnosis, the treatment is very quick and very effective.  The standard of care for this condition is exercise, stretching, and manipulation to the sacroiliac joints.  On occasion, physical therapy modalities are necessary in the early stages of a new problem.

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