Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Automobile Passengers Injured in Minor Collisions?

        Health care providers of many fields have long known injuries are common in what seems to be minor collisions.  The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation published the article Clinical Response of Human Subjects to Rear-End Automobile Collisions confirming this observation with scientific methods.

What the Research Says...

        In this study, unsuspecting human beings were lap/shoulder belted into a Honda Accord, a curtain was hung directly behind the Accord and the subjects were given ear plugs so that the collision would be a surprise, and then a Volvo station wagon smashed into the Accord from behind at 2 1/2 and 5 miles per hour.  The study showed that many of the crash subjects hurt following the impact and, even for those who did not have pain or symptoms, they had measurable clinical deficits, comparing pre-accident with post-accident examinations.

What Should Accident Victims Do?

        Everyone involved in an automobile accident is not injured.  However, the research indicates that individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident, whether or not they are having pain or symptoms, should be examined by someone familiar with these types of injuries.

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