Monday, December 5, 2016

Does Stiffness Come From Arthritis of Something Else?

        Patients tell me that stiffness or soreness in their neck or back is arthritis or degenerative joint disease because an x-ray was performed and they are doomed to suffer forever.  Often times, these patients think or have been told the only way to find relief is with an anti-inflammatory medicine.

        People that thought or were told they had arthritis have found relief with chiropractic treatment.  The reason is that the "arthritis" was not the problem at all or was only part of the problem.  You see, rarely can a doctor look at an x-ray and identify that arthritis is "the problem."  There are thousands of people, young or old, that have arthritis or degenerative joint disease on an x-ray and have no pain or functional deficit.

        How could this occur?  It is as simple as an imbalance in the spinal joints and muscles that create the stiffness or pain that is often mistaken for arthritis.  Sometimes people do not notice these imbalances right away.  However, after "a few thousand miles" one will start to feel symptoms and know that something is wrong.  Usually, a course of chiropractic treatment coupled with core exercises  are of great help.  Studies have shown that long term use of anti-inflammatory medicines can cause problems with the stomach, liver, and kidneys.  The message: fix your spinal problem with rehabilitation rather than continuing down the long term medicine path.

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