Monday, November 21, 2016

Avoiding the Hazards of Winter: Snow, Ice Need Not Be a Problem for the Back

Severe Weather Causes Many Injuries

When snow, ice, and frigid winds blow into your town, chiropractors notice a marked increase in strains, sprains, and back injuries.  Shoveling snow the wrong way, slipping on icy sidewalks, clambering awkwardly over snow banks, even wearing the wrong kind of clothing can prove hazardous to your health as hundreds of thousands of Americans learn, to their regret, each year.  "Couch potatoes" are hit especially hard.

The Risks of Braving the Elements 

Combining ice, snow, and freezing cold with long-unused muscles can lead to disastrous results.  The physical exertion in shoveling snow without a proper buildup often results in injuries.  Hitting an icy spot when dashing off to the mailbox or carrying out the trash can cause a serious tumble.  And it's not just the fall that is problematic.  The quick jarring motion as you try to catch yourself can strain muscles as much as the actual falling.

Bending and twisting when tossing a shovel of heavy snow can aggravate or injure a lower back, especially if there is a pre-existing disc injury.  Simply walking outside in freezing weather without layers of warm clothing can intensify older joint problems and cause a great deal of problems.  In addition, as muscles and blood vessels contract to conserve the body's heat, the blood supply to the extremities is reduced.  This lowers the functional capacity of many muscles, particularly among the physically unfit.

Problems Respond Well To Chiropractic Care

Sprains and strains affecting your ability to function, such as being unable to bend over to tie your shoes or having difficulty getting out of the chair require prompt attention.

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