Monday, March 27, 2017

Abstaining from Headache Medicine May Cure Drug Rebound Headache

        An article published in the Western Journal of Medicine in 1998, discussed the etiology of some chronic daily headaches.  This article recommends discontinuation of the daily headache medicine for some people who suffer from chronic daily headaches.  The daily use of medication to treat headache symptoms often causes drug rebound headaches.  Furthermore, failure to stop taking daily pain medication in some cases, the article warns, can lead to drug resistant headaches.

        A review of the medical literature found that up to 78 percent of patients studied who suffered from chronic daily headaches experienced a marked lessening of symptoms just by cutting out daily use of headache symptom medicine.  The study reports that many common prescription and non-prescription medicines, including narcotics, pain pills containing caffeine, or as little as three aspirin per day can cause a rebound headache.

        Symptoms from drug-induced, rebound headaches are usually relieved after patients go through a wash-out period of 8 weeks without taking daily medication, although symptoms often improve much sooner.  Once a person stops taking daily pain medication they may feel worse for about 2 weeks before the improvement trend begins.

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