Monday, January 30, 2017

Foot Pain? Maybe it is Plantar Fasciitis

        Plantar fasciitis is a very common kind of tendonitis, but instead of a tendon it is the plantar fascia of the foot that is inflamed.  The plantar fascia is a sheet of connective tissue that stretches from the heel to the toes, spanning the arch (or bottom) of the foot.

        Muscle knots, technically known as myofascial trigger points, are a factor in almost all cases.  A trigger point is a section of super-contracted and irritated muscle tissue that can cause mild stiffness to extreme pain.  Trigger points not only cause pain and problems directly, but they also develop in response to other biomechanical problems.  Often times, the other biomechanical problems involve the joints and muscles of the legs, thighs, and lower back / pelvic region.

        The typical approaches used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis include shoe inserts, night splints, footwear assessment, stretching / massaging of the plantar fascia, injections, and surgery.  In this office, I add another dimension which is an assessment for muscle involvement and joint fixation of the lower back, legs, and feet.  If present, treatment of the joint fixation or muscle involvement coupled with the aforementioned approaches usually results in better, lasting relief.

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